Learn The Monk State Method To Level Up Your Life

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Learn The

Monk State Method

To Level Up Your Life

Even If You Are Inexperienced Or Super Busy And Don't Have Time!

In This Master Class You will Discover:

  • How to Befriend Your Chattering Mind-- No matter how unfocused, chaotic or distracted it can get

  • How to achieve The State of Maximum Effectiveness-- Where the effects of Meditation Cross over into your regular life so you can achieve a lot more with greater clam, tranquility and focus

  • How to achieve Mental Clarity and find the answers to problems you are trying to resolve. You will get clear on what to do and how to do it.

  • How to use The Monk State Method to: make more money, have better health, get more done and improve your relationships

  • How to access a Different Type of Happiness through an internal spiritual connection with what some call the Super Consciousness, God or The Universe

  • Lived & studied full time in a monastery in India since the age of 11

    Became the world’s youngest Swami at age 23

    Author of: Eternal Dharma

    How To Find Spiritual Evolution through Surrender and Embrace Your Life's True Purpose

    Featured Alongside Pope Francis in Museums & Art Exhibitions Worldwide

    Spoken On Stage to Crowds as Large as 15,000

    (Some of Vishnu Swami's Boarding Passes)

    Taught in 20 countries and 80 cities around the world

    Internationally featured on- television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and an award winning Hollywood documentary

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    Shared the stage with legendary teachers such as:

    1. Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank)
    2. the entire cast of the movie “The Secret”
    3. and many more... like...

    Shared Event with Les Brown

    Shared Event with Mary Morrissey

    Shared Event With Michael Beckwith

    Vishnu Swami & Tulsi Gabbard - US Presidential Candidate & Congresswoman

    Vishnu Swami & Trent Shelton - Social Media Influencer

    Vishnu Swami & RSD Owen Cook - Motivational Speaker

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