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You are running as fast as you can on the hamster wheel of life, trying to live a purposeful meaningful life...
...but there is always something
holding you back.
If you’re anything like me

  • You have big dreams, goals, and ambitions

  • You don’t want to waste your life being stuck in the bland routine of a boring, meaningless and purposeless life

  •  You want to fill your life with passion, love, achievement and spiritual peace

  • You want to be able to look back at life with a satisfied ear to ear smile on your face and say,

    “I did everything in my power to live one hell of a life, and I have no regrets.”

    But every time you step forward and try to make any type of actual progress… is like some mysterious force comes to stop you in your tracks.

    You are
    unable to actually do the things that you want, and know that are best for you.

    The more you look to find this restrictive force…

    ...the more you realize that the biggest thing holding you back is not out there…

    It’s not the economy, lack of opportunity, an evil ex, or any external force.

    What holds you back is you.


    You try to beat self-sabotage with self-help and personal development or even therapy,

    You find

  • Habit-forming ticks

  • Life-hacks

  • Mindset tricks

  • You try

  • The law of attraction

  • Productivity apps

  • And daily meditation

  • But none of it seems to work… are not where you want to be…

    ...and the only thing that seems to be able to get you close to achieving your dreams is harsh discipline.

    I mean really…?

    Is life meant to be this way?

    Does one have to be a tyrant and use harsh discipline to get ahead?

    Does self-control have to be born from self-coercion?

    Will we ever be free from the tyranny of endless to-do lists?

    Or is there a way that we can be naturally self-controlled…

    ...where discipline does not feel like discipline...

    …where our
    spiritual empowerment and practical ambitions naturally come to fruition…

    ...simply because of who we are and
    who we choose to be.

    Good news…

    ...there is.

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    *Limited Time Offer of $7 (One Time Payment)

  • The 5,000-year-old wisdom of India teaches us that in order to master life we must master our mind...

    ...but mastering our mind is no simple task.

    It is said, in these same ancient texts, that it would be easier to control the wind than to control one’s mind.

    Therefore the solution to conquering our self-sabotage so we can live our highest purpose without using harsh discipline…

    ...does not lie controlling your mind directly... those who see meditation as a cure-all mechanism would have you believe.

    The ancient wisdom of the East actually teaches us that the key to growing both practically and spiritually lies in…

    ...elevating your entire state of being.

    Just as when you are depressed and in a low state of being

  • Everything seems gloomy so you are miserable

  • You do poorer work so you make less money

  • You are automatically driven to eat Cheetos and leave pizza boxes lying around so your health suffers

  • And you repel people with your vibe leaving you lonely

  • In the same way...

    ...when you elevate your entire state of being, to what I call
    ‘Monk State’,... are naturally in control of your mind, your life, and your happiness.

    When in
    “Monk Sate”

  • Your competence goes through the roof

  • You are magnetically attractive

  • And there is no challenge that you can’t overcome

  • This all happens naturally because... are in a relaxed state of peaceful control… a
    state of flow

    ...and spiritually connected to a higher power.

    To help get you into this Monk State,

    I present you my signature system…

    ...The Monk State Method…

    ...which is a 5 pillar system anybody can use to steadily uplift their state and systematically live their highest purpose

    As the world’s youngest Swami and
    Monk who moved into a monastery in India at age 11… well as a person who has been studying personal development …

    ...and teaching in over 20 countries worldwide,…

    ...for over 15 years…

    …I can confidently say that The Monk State Method will…

    ...elevate your entire state of being... you can go from self-sabotage to natural-self control and live your highest purpose all without harsh discipline.

    So what are
    The 5 Pillars of The Monk State Method?

    Pillar 1. Live On Purpose

    Knowing exactly:

  • Who you are

  • What makes you unique

  • What your nature is

  • What to do with your life

  • Why you are here in the world

  • What parts of yourself you can and can’t change

  • What your spiritual purpose is

  • And so much more

  • is the first pillar of the Monk State Method.

    The ancients call this deep-seated understanding of the self, Dharma.

    When you are Living On Purpose, you feel a deep sense of inner satisfaction…

    the “work” that you do is in-itself uplifting.

    This is because such “work” is in perfect alignment with who you are.

    Now all your actions, no matter how ordinary, not only become “therapeutic” but also become a
    spiritual process.

    The best part is you get better tangible results in your
    career and projects when you are working and Living On Purpose.

    Pillar 2. Elevate Your State (The 4 States of Being)

    According to 5,000-year-old Eastern wisdom…

    ...everything in reality exists in one of 4 states.

    Tama = Darkness, Ignorance, Destruction
    Raja = Passion, Motivation, Construction
    Sattva = Goodness, Steadiness, Peace
    Nirguna = Transcendence, Enlightenment

    Being able to
    clearly identify which state you are in…

    ...knowing exactly how to uplift your state...

    ...very essence of ‘Monk State Mastery’.

    Pillar 3. Advance Through The 4 Stages of Maverick Meditation

    Maverick Meditation is a unique system of meditation that harmonizes and encompasses all other forms of meditation.

    This simple step by step meditation practice that anybody can follow will gradually have you evolve through these 4 Sages:

  • Stage 1 - Awareness

  • Stage 2 - Focus

  • Stage 3 - Inner Wisdom

  • Stage 4 - Spiritual Bliss

  • Having this regular meditation practice is a core pillar for uplifting your mind so you can consistently live in ‘Monk State’

    Pillar 4. Relate Powerfully With Others

    We do not live in the world alone.

    How we relate with others in

  • Business

  • Friendship

  • And especially in romance...

  • a huge factor for keeping a happy mind and an elevated state of being.

    In pillar 4 we explore the
    “dance” of masculinity and femininity according to the Yin and Yang energetic polls.

    mastering your energetic poll and creating a healthy “dance” with others… not only unlock
    deep romance and inspire passion… also can create healthy, functional business and personal relationships…

    support growth, are drama free, and are deeply nourishing.

    Pillar 5. Shape The World Using The ‘Unprecedented Elemental Reality System’

    The myth of spiritual growth is that it’s all ethereal and lacks grounding in the practical world.

    You’ll use the ‘Unprecedented Elemental Reality System’ to have practical agency over what happens in your life and in the physical world around you.

    This same elemental way of viewing reality is founded on the same paradigms and wisdom that…

    ...some of the greatest kings and emperors in history lived by.

    The paradigms, perspectives, mindsets and lessons presented in this system empower you to create whatever you choose.

    Be it

  • Financial success

  • A passion project

  • Art

  • Business

  • Or anything in this physical tangible world.

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    *Limited Time Offer of $7 (One Time Payment)


    Of course, mastering The Monk State Method takes some training…

    ...this is not an overnight cure or magic pill… is only for those who seriously want to master their life and are...

    ...willing to invest the time and energy in themselves.


    ...the time
    it takes is minimal…

    ...success with The Monk State Method is more about…

    consistent micro changes in your everyday life,…

    ...that compound to
    create macro results, then anything else.

    I am offering you an opportunity to
    ‘stick your toe in the water’...

    ...and start on your journey towards entering Monk State with:

    The Monk State Method Mini Program

    This Program Includes-
    A. My book:

    ‘Eternal Dharma - How to find spiritual evolution through surrender and embrace your life’s true purpose’

    You only need to read Part One which is 54 pages of the nearly 269-pages.
    (you get the whole book)

    In these pages, you will deeply explore and
    uncover what your highest purpose is.

    This is Pillar 1 of The Monk State Method.

    You will discover your
    spiritual and practical purpose…

    ...and develop a strong foundation for advancing to the next Pillars of The Monk State Method.

    Finding your life’s highest purpose can take some time.

    You can still uplift your entire state of being and practice all the other pillars of monk state even if you are not clear your purpose yet.

    You get immediate downloadable digital copy.

    As Seen On:

    B. Join me on a live webinar

    On April 29th at 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST, I will host a live webinar where I will be teaching The Monk State Method in more detail.

    In This Master Class You Will Discover:

  • How to use The Monk State Method to: make more money, have better health, get more done and improve your relationships

  • How to Befriend Your Chattering Mind-- No matter how unfocused, chaotic or distracted it can get

  • How to achieve Monk State-- Where the effects of Meditation cross over into your regular life so you can achieve a lot more with greater calm, tranquility, and focus

  • How to achieve mental clarity and find the answers to problems you are trying to resolve. You will get clear on what to do and how to do it.

  • How to access a Different Type of Happiness through an internal spiritual connection with what some call the Super Consciousness, God or The Universe. Of course this is not religious and you will still get tons of value from the webinar if you don’t believe in spiritual things.

  • At the end of the webinar, you will be able to ask me any questions.

    I will also share with you how you can continue to study and further practice the full ‘Monk State Method’

    (note: you don’t need to have read my book before the webinar. You can read that at your own speed)

    C. A private Facebook group

    ...You’ll be invited to an exclusive private Facebook group, where you can connect with a community of people who are…

    ....working on conquering their self-sabotage and attempting to live their highest purpose.

    I am regularly active in this group, so I look forward to seeing you there :)

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    If you don’t work on elevating your entire state of being you may be stuck in self-sabotage forever… may never truly live your highest purpose.

    You may never be able to look a back at your life and say,

    “I did everything in my power to live one hell of a life, and I have no regrets.”

    So join The Monk State Method Mini Program today at a super discount!

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